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Here, you can verify whether any company within your supply chain is required to adhere to the EU NIS2 regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NIS2 Checker and how can I use it?
The NIS2 Checker, available for free as a community contribution, allows you to check whether companies within your supply chain need to comply with EU NIS2 regulations. Simply enter a company's website; our tool performs the check using information from our extensive CompanyIndex database, which contains millions of companies. Companies not yet in our database can be added by entering their website.
Why does the NIS2 Latest Checks table only show 10 results?
The tool is designed to display the last 10 companies checked to provide a clear and concise overview of recent checks. This helps users quickly see the most up-to-date information. However, there is no problem rechecking a company's status if you need more recent data or want to update results from previous checks.
How can I contribute to the improvement of the NIS2 Checker?
Your feedback is crucial to improving the NIS2 Checker. You can share your suggestions and findings via the thumb up and down button. We appreciate any contribution that helps us refine and expand our tools.
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