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Free Tools for Supply Chain Security and Compliance

In today's business landscape, staying ahead of cyber threats while keeping up with new regulations is a major challenge. That's why we're stepping up to help. As part of our commitment to the community, we're offering free-to-use intelligence tools. These tools are designed to not only protect your company from major threats but also ensure compliance with evolving regulations. By providing these resources at no cost, we aim to support businesses in safeguarding their operations and data. Together, let's navigate the complex world of cybersecurity and regulatory compliance, empowering your company to thrive securely.

NIS2 Checker

Here, you can verify whether any company within your supply chain is required to adhere to the EU NIS2 regulations.

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Industry Benchmarking

Here, you can explore the daily "state of security" per industry, based on daily fresh ratings.

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Compliance Infographics

Here, you will find interactive infographics to help you explain or educate compliance to endusers.

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Databreach Checker

Here, you can check if there are any known data breaches affecting a company.