Industry Benchmarking

Explore the daily "state of security" per industry, based on Cyber Ratings.

Discover the power of benchmarking in supply chain management with RiskStudio's Industry Benchmarking tool. Get at-a-glance insights into how your supply chain compares to industry standards and peers, based on our precise Cyber Ratings. Use these key insights to make strategic improvements and strengthen the resilience of your network.

Invite your team to experiment with the tool and share your findings to collectively take your cyber security to the next level. For more in-depth analysis and personalized insights, we invite you to create an account with RiskStudio. Start strengthening your supply chain today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why a free benchmark tool?
RiskStudio's Industry Benchmarking tool allows you to compare the performance of your supply chain against industry standards and comparable peers. It does this based on our accurate Cyber Ratings. Benchmarking is important because it helps organizations evaluate their performance, improve and position themselves against others in the industry. It allows them to learn from best practices and make strategic decisions o increase their competitiveness.
Why a Cyber Rating by benchmark group?
Cyber Ratings are a quantitative measure of an organization's cybersecurity position. They are determined based on several factors, such as the strength of defense mechanisms, the frequency and severity of breaches, and the timeliness of systems in terms of updates and patches. These ratings provide current and comprehensive insight into an organization's cyber defense capabilities. The ratings are expressed as a cyber between 0 and 100, the Cyber Rating in the Benchmark tool represents an organization's cybersecurity position. A higher rating, such as dark green, indicates that a group has a strong cybersecurity position, while a lower rating, such as red, indicates a weaker cybersecurity position.
Why do I only see a sample of companies in the benchmark groups?
The number of companies and benchmark groups, such as industries and countries, available in our free tool has been carefully selected to ensure the most relevant and comparable data for your industry. We focus on the groups that are most representative of current market trends and cybersecurity standards. the preview gives an impression of the companies included in the benchmark groups. If you need broader or other specific comparison groups, we invite you to create an account and contact our support team for more personalized options.
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