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Easily Navigate Compliance Standards with the Compliance Infographics Tool

Dive deeper into the world of compliance with our Compliance Infographics tool in RiskStudio. This interactive tool simplifies the complexity of frameworks, regulations or best practices and gives you instant insight into the key aspects that matter to your business.

Whether you want to quickly understand the requirements of specific regulations or get an overview of compliance landscapes, our Compliance Infographics tool makes it easy and accessible.

Use the tool to your advantage, share your insights, and when you're ready to dive deeper, use RiskStudio for more in-depth analysis and customized solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Risk Template?

Risk Templates are essential tools within any organization aiming to streamline its risk management process. These pre-configured templates are designed to assist users in efficiently drafting risk documentation. They include predefined content such as text, styles, formats, and specific layouts (sections & subjects, see below), enabling risks to be documented in a structured and uniform manner.

By using Risk Templates, organizations can save time and ensure the consistency of their risk documentation. These templates promote structured and uniform risk documentation, making the risk management process more effective and organized. Several predefined risk templates for various frameworks, regulations and best practices, including ISO 27001, NIS2 and GDPR are available in RiskStudio. For more information on Risk Templates, visite our help center.

What are Sections and Subjects?
Each risk template has a subdivision with Sections and Topics used to make frameworks, regulations or best practices clearer and more accessible. Dividing this content into logical parts (sections) and specific topics (subject) not only makes the information more understandable but also easier to navigate. This structuring helps users find relevant information quickly. In addition, specific controls are associated with each one of more subjects, making it easier to manage and monitor compliance with regulations and practices.
What are Risk Controls?

Risk controls are essential enablers that guide the implementation of cybersecurity and privacy policies, standards, procedures, and processes. They are specifically designed to detect, correct, and prevent adverse events, ensuring your operations remain secure and compliant. Each control has a detailed description of measures to be taken, advice and direct reference to references from laws and regulations.

At RiskStudio, we offer a comprehensive library of risk controls that enables you to initiate a risk program with just a few clicks. Our collection includes predefined risk templates for various frameworks, regulations, and best practices, including ISO 27001, NIS2, and GDPR. Explore the full range of risk templates and controls available in the RiskStudio app. For more information on Risk Controls, visite our help center.

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